Salvador lives in the rural Guatemalan village of Santiago Atitlan, a busy town which is surrounded by a beautiful lake and 3 large volcanoes. He lives with his wife, Elena, who is also a part of the Elders’ program. Together, they had 5 children, although 4 of them have since passed away.

He used to work in the fields growing crops, but shares that now he is too old and tired to work.

Salvador gives thanks to God for the life he has had. He does not look too far into the future, knowing that his days left to live are limited. He also thanks you for your generous contribution. Because of your donation, he receives three hot and nutritious meals a week, participates in activities at the Sharing the Dream Elders’ Center, and is given an annual Christmas gift.

“There are people who make fun of our beliefs,but they shouldn’t. Of course, we need to respect the other religions. Just as we celebrate our ancestors, we should know that each town has its own customs. For example, during the fairs in Santiago, everyone buys new clothes and goes out to visit their relatives. It is very festive when the whole family is united.”

–-This is and excerpt from the book Stories of Survival Mayan Elders Share Their Memories. The book is available to purchase online and also at Sharing the Dream.